• Question: hi Rachel thanks again for all you answer on the chat you have my vote ! talking about rats and dogs do animals help you relax and hen sleep?

    Asked by holly to Rachel on 15 Nov 2018.
    • Photo: Rachel Sharman

      Rachel Sharman answered on 15 Nov 2018:

      Thanks for all your great questions Holly!

      Animals can help and break your sleep!

      We don’t sleep well when we are anxious or stressed. We also need to try and wind down before sleep so we can get the best quality sleep we can. Petting your puppy or cuddling your kitty has been shown to be relaxing. When I’ve had a tough day, hugging Stanley cat really helps me start to put the day to rest.

      The problem is, dogs cats rats, don’t sleep the whole night like we do. So if they are in your room or on your bed they can wake you up! I’ve often woke with Stan batting me so I move and he can be little spoon!

      So as part of our sleep hygiene advice (things to do to help your sleep) we say to keep the pets out of the room and ideally somewhere where they can’t wake you up scratching or mewing at the door! Sorry pets of the UK!